Zimbabwe after 30 years!

Well I thought I   never see Harare again!
About a year ago Karen Rumsey and I were talking about places we’d like go to and places we’d been to. Karen being the seasoned traveller she is has been to every continent except Africa! Well that just fueled my desire of going back to Zimbabwe. ..but I desperately wanted to do a safari! So we made it happen.  We got brochures and Googled tours…decided on August because it was the time of year when the weather is warm/cool enough to enjoy the bush and it wouldn’t be raining. ..or shouldn’t.
so we are doing Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa in a little over 3 weeks.
We left Sydney on the 12/8/15 at 10:50am and arrived in Joburg at about 5pm. The flight was long but it was pleasant.  I watched 5 movies back to back…but don’t ask me what they were and what they were about! I’m more likely to mix the themes all up… Although one was a comedy which was hallerious. ..”Hot Pursuit” sooo funny!
We stayed overnight at a lovely hotel 10mins from   airport.  We were picked up and dropped off by the hotel courtesy bus. The breakfast the next day was wonderful.  They had everything! The staff couldn’t be more helpful and obliging if they tried. ..
The flight to Zimbabwe with SAA was only an hour and 20mins. ..Although the last 20mins were very turbulent.  Karen had her sick packet ready…she was a bit green by the time we landed…Then getting a Visa from customs took sooooo long….Zimbabwe airport was soooo slow!
We were warmly greeted by Andrew Annebell, Des’ nephew and sister. Andrew helped me get the car Des had hired over the Internet, organized.  We followed Andrew back to Annebell’s home which is in a gated community in Borrowdale. …The drive was only 1/2hr…but what a drive….Lakemba and Belmore have gracious drivers in comparison to the drivers here!…They don’t indicate,  a pet hate of mine, they are all over the road, drive like they’re about to to deliver a baby, overtake whenever and wherever.  Man ! I had to learn in a very short space of time, while to keep pace with my Nephew-in-law, how to be an aggressive, not assertive,  AGGRESSIVE driver!  You have to be so aware on the roads…no time for dawdling. ..or indecision….it’s not just cars you have to watch out for… it’s the cyclists and pedestrians too….!


Karen looking out the window of the SAA plane going to Zimbabwe.  We were about to taxi out.
I have just realized that my camera. ..not the phone camera….has no blue tooth. .. this is the only picture I have on my phone of the Southern Africa Tour… will have to work out a plan….


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